My Toronto International Film Festival 2017 coverage


This year I applied for and was granted a Media Pass for a couple of days at the Toronto International Film Festival, aka TIFF, hashtag #TIFF17.

I started off with funny vlogs about my preparations, which got the attention of the owner of eBOSS Canada and a PR firm, who wanted to work with me to get me some interviews.

And I ran around to as many red carpets and press conferences as as I could squeeze into those 2 days. Raquel, whom I met on the Shapr app, came with me as my videographer, which made things a lot easier than when I was using a tripod alone last year.

For my interviews, I drew cartoons of the talent and then showed the cartoons to them. You can see all these interviews in my #TIFF17 Celebrity Interviews Playlist here. And I filmed some of the more entertaining pre-film speeches, which you can see in my #TIFF Celebrity Speeches Playlist here.

I also posted photos of my cartoons, which you can check out on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

I’ll gradually past in the videos below, and I’ll make individual posts for the different movies. So stay tuned for that!



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