Good Report TV: Eyeliner Pencil Toxic Tips


You know that pick-up line “Are your eyes stinging? Maybe that’s because you’ve got the stars in them.” No, wait. That’s not the expression. Maybe this is why I can’t pick up women. But anyway, if you’re getting that stinging eye sensation after not washing off your eye makeup, could be there’s something bad in your eyeliner. Andrea and I run down the key preservatives, suspected endocrine disruptors and synthetic dyes produced from petroleum that you don’t want near your eyes. Because the only thing you want near your eyes is me, baby. Because I’m eco-friendly, get it? Ok, I really need to work on my wooing skills. In the meantime, watch the video below. And as always, for more green beauty tips, go to Good Report TV and you can buy the products we mention at Good Roots.



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