I’ll interview your business

Celebrity Josh Biz lets you turn my celebrity-interviewing spotlight on your business, to make your biz a star!

Quick list of options:

Let’s do a FREE 15-minute strategy session phone call, video call or coffee to discuss how you and I can work together to make your business famous. Book that here.

Or order a celebrity-style interview now:

•1 interview, 10 minutes long ($500)
I’ll post it on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

•1 mini-interview, 60 seconds long ($100)
Order a bunch so you’ll have new videos daily on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Bulk Bonus:
Order a week’s worth (7 days) and get 1 bonus mini-interview
Order a month’s worth (30 days) and get 5 bonus mini-interviews


Now, here’s the story:

Hi, I’m Josh Rachlis, aka Celebrity Josh. I came up with this name when another creative team at Leo Burnett Advertising asked to create a funny web series playing a Celebrity Hunter trying to get celebrities to try Orville Redenbacher popcorn. You can see that webseries HERE. These days, I’m actually on red carpets, joshing around with celebrities whom I draw cartoons of. Big celebrities like Jim Carrey, James Franco, Jessica Chastain.

And as a TV and radio personality, I’m a bit of a celebrity myself.

So the name has multiple meanings. And here’s one more meaning:

I’m going to give YOUR business the celebrity treatment.

To effectively build and maintain a social media following, you need:

-DAILY posts. Both to gain new followers, and keep people from unfollowing.
-ENTERTAINING content. Nobody wants to be sold to. Ideally, you’ll make them laugh.
-VIDEOS. Nobody wants to read on their phone or laptop. Plus, videos rank higher on Google. Oh, and cartoons work too, because they’re visual.

But you’re running a business. You don’t have time to post on social media. And even if you did have time, making funny videos isn’t your passion. That’s why you’re running your business, not a YouTube channel.

Good thing you found me!

I’ve got 20 years experience as a Senior Copywriter, writing ads that built billion dollar brands for the world’s biggest companies, like P&G, Kellogg’s, IKEA and VISA. I’m also an actor, comedian, TV/radio host, cartoonist. Now I’m applying these skills and experience to building YOUR brand.

I’ll come interview you about your business to make funny, interesting videos for your social media.

It can be one video, to post once. Or I can shoot enough footage that I can post little clips on your social media every single day, for as long as you want.

If you’re a small town, I could even come spend a few days interviewing a whole bunch of your local businesses and exploring tourist attractions. Check out this interview I did with the Marmora Tourism Centre student intern that’s been reposted by the City of Marmora and by the local newspaper:

Plus, I’ll post the content on my social media and this website, so you’ll be reaching my thousands of followers too. And we can create a Celebrity Josh promo code so you can track the customers I send to you. I’m also starting a podcast, so you could be interviewed on that.

Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re interesting or funny on camera. That’s my job! Your job is simply telling me and the world about your great company. And if you don’t want to be on camera at all, that’s fine too! I’ll tailor this videos to your wants and needs.

Check out how I interact with celebrities. In this TIFF 2016 playlist, you can see my interviews with celebrities like Lost In Space star Maxwell Jenkins; Taxi Driver writer Paul Schrader; Edge of 17 stars Hayden Szeto, Haley Lu Richardson, Blake Jenner ; The Simpsons producer James L. Brooks:

In this TIFF 2017 playlist, you can see my interviews with celebrities like Jessica Chastain, Jim Carrey, director Alexander Payne, Ron Perlman, director Guillermo Del Toro, James Franco:

You can see that celebrities love talking to me! And here’s how I bring that fun to businesses. In this playlist, you can see my interviews with restaurants, stores, trade show booths and entrepreneurs:

You can also scroll through my Instagram HERE, to see the latest clips of interviews I haven’t posted on YouTube yet.

If you want other social media marketing services, I can provide those too. Examples of things you might want:

•Posts on other sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+
•Logo design
•Profile/header images for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.
•Interaction with commenters and people messaging you
•Outreach on social media to gain more followers
•Facebook Ads
•Google Ads
•Live broadcasts
•Build a blog or website with WordPress
•If you don’t have social media yet, I can set up your pages
•If you don’t have a website or domain name, I can come up with a good name, register it for you, and set up branded email addresses.

I can also draw cartoons for your social media. Like this one I drew for Dashing Date:

And I can provide:

I’ve got 20 years of writing award-winning ads for the world’s biggest brands.

Voice acting
I specialize in friendly, natural voiceovers for explainer videos. I’ve got a home studio and can produce any voice work you need. I can even voice your phone answering service – Hear my voice answer Earthing.com‘s phone at 1-888-223-8454.

Big brands call me their secret weapon. P&G sent me to Tokyo twice to solve problems another ad agency was having with Tide Detergent. I can brainstorm ideas with you to solve your marketing challenges.