Live The Smart Way Expo 2017

On Nov. 11, 2017, while I was in Ottawa for my birthday weekend, I went to visit nutritionist Holly Warner at the Live The Smart Way Expo. I’d interviewed her over Facebook Live, but we’d never met in person. On my way through the expo to find Holly, I came across the Solar Share booth, and filmed an interview with them. I had gone to their presentation in Toronto, so I reminisced with them. Then Holly walked by and saw me, and I walked with her back to her booth. But she was constantly mobbed by her adoring fans. So while I waited for an opening to interview her, I walked around and started interviewing people at booths I found interesting.

I talked to Solar Share, C.A. Maple Premium Syrup, Living Lotus International, Crazy D’s Prebiotic Soda Labs, Spiffy Gluten-Free Bakeshop, Holly Warner Health, and Beet It Sport.

See the interviews in my playlist here, or by clicking the list at the top left of the video below:

By Josh Rachlis

Celebrity interviewer, actor, comedian, songwriter, cartoonist

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