Check out the brochure I drew for kids visiting the Ottawa Citizen!


You already know my mom‘s brilliant. But here’s yet more proof. Last year, I was up in Ottawa the weekend of Doors Open Ottawa. I was keen on seeing the green roof at the water filtration plant. My parents, ever tolerant of my quirks, took me to see it. At the filtration plant, they had an educational brochure for kids feature cartoon illustrations of Mr. Drip, a big water drop with legs and arms and a face. Not sure if this was educational or just made kids terrified of water drops. But anyway, cut to a year later, and it’s Doors Open Ottawa time again. My mom faxes me the Mr. Drip brochure that she presciently saved for some reason and calls me up with the idea to do something similar for kids who’ll be visiting the Ottawa Citizen. Well! I love the Ottawa Citizen. And I love kids. And I love drawing. So this was the perfect storm. Feast your eyes on what resulted. Take that, Mr. Drip!


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