My comic strip for the Deviant Art “Split” movie art contest


My comic strip for the DeviantArt contest inspired by M. Night Shyamalan’s Split.

The story: A month ago I was wondering where else I could post my cartoons and I Googled for sites and started posting at I got one nice comment from a girl, who said my cartoon was like seeing Charlie Brown all grown up. This week I saw on the site that they were having a contest to create a piece of art inspired by the Split movie (but you can’t mention the name of the movie). The finalists will be judged by director M. Night Shyamalan himself. You’re supposed to portray an inner conflict happening between the multiple personas of the movie character Kevin, or within yourself. Last night after returning from my disastrous trip to Saint Catherine’s, I drew this cartoon. It was due at midnight. I started at 10 PM and didn’t finish until 2 AM. But fortunately when I went to submit I saw that the deadline was midnight LA time. My new scanner makes it a lot easier for me to do drawings. But I can’t figure out how to effectively cut-and-paste sections in the online photo shop I use. So it would make me a lot faster if I bought an iPad and drew directly on that. I need a sugar mama. Or a sponsor. Or a job. Or the prize money from this contest.


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