I drew a beaver in a bathtub for a soap company


As you know if you’ve seen me picking up litter or I’ve asked you to stop idling your car, I’m out to clean up this world. So when I was approached by Andy, the owner of The Soap Works, to draw a cartoon for his in-store displays, it was a match made in eco-heaven. After all, his soaps are natural, biodegradable and don’t even have packaging – they’re just bars of soap with the logo stamped on! The only thing more eco would be to not bathe at all. And from my experiences with roommates, I know that’s not a good thing. Andy had a clear vision that he wanted a beaver with a bathing cap in a bathtub. I threw in a moose whose antlers are being used as a bathrobe hook. Because that’s how I roll. Look for it soon at a health food store near you, and let the drawing’s whimsical charms seduce you away from buying toxic soaps in plastic containers. To order a personalized cartoon of your very own, email me at: joshrachlis (AT) gmail.com


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