I’ve illustrated the James Ready Beer Newsletter! (Twice!)

The good folks at James Ready Beer are doing everything they can to keep their beer costing just a buck a bottle. That means cutting expenses around the factory. So when their old computer printer broke recently, they had to find another cheap way to publish their popular in-case newsletter. And nothing’s cheaper than, well, me. So I drew their newsletter. I took the liberty of adding a few of my own personal flourishes and I guess people liked them, because I was asked to draw the next newsletter too. (Anyone know a cheap printer repair guy? My hand’s starting to cramp up.)

By Josh Rachlis

Celebrity interviewer, actor, comedian, songwriter, cartoonist


  1. YES!! I made it into the newsletter!! Woooooo!! I'm Vicki Gray.. and I'm kinda sad that I didn't submit the picture of my tattoo on time to go along with the article, but still… YES!!!!! AWESOME!!!! WOOOO!!!!

  2. Congrats, Vicki! It was an honour to handwrite your name. Keep submitting stuff! Get them that photo of your tattoo! And email James Ready to tell them how much you love the newsletters so I'll get to draw another one for you! 🙂

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