My Valentine’s Day cartoon

Valentine's Day Cartoon by Josh Rachlis

Happy Valentine’s Day from me! I drew you a cartoon about my feelings on the holiday. Because even though I hate the holiday, I love YOU. Ok, maybe I don’t really hate the holiday. See the cartoon for the reveal of my true feelings. How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

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New’s Year’s cartoon for Dashing Date

Here’s a cartoon I drew for Dashing Date, Canada’s Top Speed Dating & Matchmaking Company! Give this a Like on Facebook or Instagram so they’ll ask me to draw more!

The story: A while ago, I was impressed to see that founder Kavita was on Breakfast Television Montreal and Breakfast Television Toronto as a dating expert. I’ve been messaging her with advice on doing YouTube videos. Then I saw that she posted a cartoon she found about making your own happiness. I commented that I could draw cartoons for her. She replied, “You draw cartoons too?!” I talked to her on the phone and learned that she likes sweet, inspirational messages. Which isn’t my usual self-deprecating style, but hey, it’s a new year! So I came up with this cartoon. Dashing Date’s next speed dating event is Wednesday, Jan 19, in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. You have to be pre-screened, though, so get on it soon. And if you contact them, mention me! Maybe you’ll get extra special treatment or something. Oh, and let me know if you have something you want a cartoon drawn for. I haven’t gone to a speed dating event yet, so I don’t have a girlfriend yet, so I have a lot of time on my cartooning hands.

The famous Tinder artist agrees to a draw-off with me

Have you heard about Anna Gensler, the Boston artist who’s been getting back at creepy guys on Tinder (and OK Cupid) by drawing them naked? She’s getting lots of press. Such as this Time Magazine article. Well, Tinder and drawing just happen to be two of my favourite activities. So I emailed her. And she has agreed to a draw-off. Now I just need to get to Boston. Who’s up for a road trip? I promise not to get naked in the car. I’ll leave the nudity to Anna’s skilled hand. Wait, that sounds wrong. Actually, this whole situation is probably pretty wrong. So, whatever.


Introducing my comic strip about my life

I’ve been talking about starting a comic strip for a long time. A few months ago I had the idea for what it would be. And my birthday yesterday provided the motivation to finally draw my first one. I told my work partner George my rough idea for the day’s episode, and his response inspired the final version. You see, the comic strip is about my life. If you follow me on social media, you’ll recognize the characters as the real people in my life. And if you know me in real life, at some point you’ll probably recognize yourself as a character in the comic. And… Um… I don’t have a funny ending to this paragraph. I’m saving up my brain power for the comic strip. So, without further adieu… I present to you… “A Life Worth Liking”.Image

Can you bear how cute this cartoon is?

For their latest shelf display sign, eco-friendly soap company The Soapworks wanted to teach people that hand sanitizers aren’t enough to keep your hands germ-free – you also have to wash with soap. I wandered into the forest for inspiration and came across this poignant scene, which I quietly captured with pen and paper while crouched unseen in the bushes. Yes, that’s the level of commitment you get when you commission an illustration from Josh Rachlis.

My heroic assembling of this superhero cartoon

Pol_Web (5)A woman recently responded to my Kijiji ad asking for a very specific cartoon. She even provided visual references of everything. I’m attaching the items so you can see how it was all put together. She wanted the superhero body, with the sports team insignia on the shirt, holding up the company logo, with the face of her loved one. You can see how I put it all together, in full colour and in my special Josh style. The client was very pleased. You might say I passed the test with “flying colours.” Or, if you don’t enjoy horrible puns, you might not say that. Regardless, if you want your own personalized cartoon, email me at josh.rachlis (AT)


Mother duck teaches in my cartoon for soap company

For The Soap Works, the holiday season wasn’t just a chance to sell eco-friendly gifts, it was a chance to remind us the importance of hand-washing to stay healthy. I came up with a few ways to convey this. And a loving mother duck and her duckling kids won out. Note: Do NOT read that last sentence out loud ten times fast. We’re trying to keep things “clean.” Ha ha, get it? Anyway, to order your own personalized cartoon, email me at joshrachlis (AT)

Frogs open their gifts in my xmas cartoon for the eco soap company

For the Christmas season, The Soap Works hired me to do another cartoon for their in-store displays. This one was to get out the message that soap is a gift people will actually use – which is yet another eco feature of the soaps. I came up with a few concepts, and this was the winner. I’m sure I could end this post with some double-meaning eco/frog pun playing off the expression “It’s not easy being green,” but, hey, write your own. Why do I have to do all the work here? To order a personalized cartoon of your very own, email me at: joshrachlis (AT)

I drew a beaver in a bathtub for a soap company

As you know if you’ve seen me picking up litter or I’ve asked you to stop idling your car, I’m out to clean up this world. So when I was approached by Andy, the owner of The Soap Works, to draw a cartoon for his in-store displays, it was a match made in eco-heaven. After all, his soaps are natural, biodegradable and don’t even have packaging – they’re just bars of soap with the logo stamped on! The only thing more eco would be to not bathe at all. And from my experiences with roommates, I know that’s not a good thing. Andy had a clear vision that he wanted a beaver with a bathing cap in a bathtub. I threw in a moose whose antlers are being used as a bathrobe hook. Because that’s how I roll. Look for it soon at a health food store near you, and let the drawing’s whimsical charms seduce you away from buying toxic soaps in plastic containers. To order a personalized cartoon of your very own, email me at: joshrachlis (AT)

Commissioned to draw a “going away” cartoon

Those of you who spend all your time trolling Craiglist will know I have an ad peddling my cartooning. For those of you who spend their time more productively, here’s what it says:

Cartoon illustrations for cards/invites/books/articles and more! (Downtown Toronto)

Want to make a cute personalized card for a loved one? A neat invite for a party? A sign for your business? Need some illustrations for a book or brochure or presentation you’ve written? I’m a cartoonist whose work has appeared in The Ottawa Citizen, in newsletters for James Ready Beer, and in countless posters, brochures, T-shirts and daily planners. Check out my latest work at and see a wider range of my illustration work at Contact me today and let’s make your project cartoon-iriffic! 🙂

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Nice Craiglist ad, Josh. But you’re a Copywriter like on the show Mad Men, so I’d expect your ad to be brilliant. What I want to know is, does the whole cartooning process actually work?” Well, my skeptical, Don Draper-watching friend,  here’s an example: This past Friday,  a gentleman responded to my ad with this email: “I’m looking to do a quick last minute cartoon/illustration gift for some friends that are moving to Vancouver. It’s a completely last minute idea on my part and would like to present it for dinner tomorrow (Saturday) night at dinner. Is it possible you could turn something around that fast?” Little did he know, he was dealing with Josh Rachlis. Early Saturday afternoon, he emailed me photos of the people to put in the cartoon, a description of what everyone should be doing and a list of little inside jokes (such as a 3-jeweled ring, a multi-olived martini and a couple of timid black cats). I drew a pencil sketch, emailed it to him for his approval, then finished it in ink, and he picked it up mid-afternoon. I followed up with him and he emailed back that it was “a big hit.” When’s the last time a generic drugstore greeting card was a big hit? Just sayin’. See the cartoon by clicking here or check it out above.