I adapted this Special K commercial for Canada

Here’s a little something that popped up when I Googled myself this morning. (Yes, I’m that vain/lonely. Deal with it.) The photography studio Sugino Studio just blogged about the back-end of a Canadian Special K commercial they worked on, which I helped adapt from an American commercial. For this kind of thing, I rewrite the script so that it speaks to Canadians and takes into account any differences in the product up here, and I help direct the voice over artist, in this case the talented actress/comedian Katie Crown, whom we patched in from her new home base in Los Angeles. The spot likely won’t win me a Lion at Cannes, but it’s part of what I do every day, and it’s always a joy to help get the message out about delightful Kellogg’s products. And for Special K in particular, it’s fun to be able to use my profound understanding of the female mind to talk to women in a way they can relate to. Sigh. If only I was as good at dating women as I am at marketing to them. To see the blog post and the clip from the commercial, click here.

I’m shortlisted at Cannes for copywriting and illustrating

I’m not personally attending the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity that’s happening this week. But I’ve just learned that a couple of things I worked on have been shortlisted. Which is almost as exciting as cavorting on a beach in the South of France. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

In terms of my Copywriting – The Mr. Clean facebook page, for which I helped develop the Mr. Clean character and wrote many of his status updates, is in there:


And get this… I’m in this James Ready Beer campaign as an Illustrator. That’s right, I was asked to draw some of the newsletters that came in the beer boxes. I knew that doodling on my school notebooks would come in handy one day.


I wrote Cinnamon Pops commercials that will pop your head

Kellogg’s needed to let the world know about their new Cinnamon Pops cereal. They wanted to highlight the crunchiness, the cinnamon, the deliciousness. And of course it all had be entertaining. Right after the briefing meeting, my art director and I cracked the problem in 5 minutes while eating hors d’oeuvres at an agency party. Inspiration may or may not have come from a segment on my Rogers Community Cable show 20 years ago where I would draw a face on an egg and then crush it. See that segment below and decide for yourself.

There are more commercials to come. Currently online are the spots “Spelling Bee” and “Ghost.” And on TV and in movie theatres is the spot “Opera.”

Oh, and I’m also the voice of the announcer in all the spots and of the sleeping man in the Ghost spot. If you could tell that already, well, you’re probably my mom.

And here are those clips from my old cable show. The egg crushing segment starts at 3:22.

I wrote this Eggo commercial that’s music to your mouth

Got a song about Eggo waffles stuck in your head these days? That might be the fault of me and my Art Director, George Longley. George and I are a creative team at Leo Burnett (Canada’s most award-winning ad agency this year) and we were asked to make a commercial communicating that Eggos can inspire kids to be creative. The result is a TV spot we call “Eggo Tunes” below. Take a bite. I mean, a listen.

I’m a Top 10 finalist for ad industry’s most creative Canadian

 Okay, so Marketing Magazine is having their 2nd Annual Great Canadian Creative Faceoff. And after reviewing all of their submissions, the judging committee has chosen yours truly as one of the Top 10 finalists. It’s a contest to find the most creative person who works in the ad industry, based on their activities when not at work. A cursory perusal of this blog will show you that I engage in a number of creative activities when I’m not at work. Whether I’m any good at them is a whole other matter, to be discussed at another time, preferably over tequila. But right now, we’re talking about this contest. Here’s how it’s officially described:

This is a search for the cream of Canada’s creative crop, from across all sectors of our industry-agency, marketer, media, PR. Based on all the nominations received, the top 10 will be selected by Marketing’s writers and editors, then posted and profiled on creativefaceoff.ca. From there we turn it over to the audience. We’ll be asking you to vote for your favourite. Based on the voting results, the list will be narrowed to 5 semi-finalists. Then, we’ll ask for a vote again. A second round of voting will take the Top 5 to Top 3, and the final voting will determine the winner of the 2010 Great Canadian Faceoff, revealed at the 2010 Media Innovation Awards on November 18.
Blah, blah, blah. The point is, go to www.creativefaceoff.ca and vote for me. Under my picture you can click on the link to vote via Twitter. But also, if you scroll down past the faces (which you have to do if you have a teeny laptop like moi), that’s where you can select my name to give a non-Twitter vote as well. I hate asking people to go to websites to vote for me. But, well, I guess it’s just the curse of being so fabulous that I get shortlisted for so many things. Also, since only half of Toronto actually went out and voted for Mayor, here’s the other half’s chance to redeem themselves and vote for something. Just don’t vote for Rob Ford in this contest, for god’s sake. It’s going to start going to his head.

My “Mini Man” commercial scripts, for a deaf fan

Recently, a guy requested to be my friend on Facebook. Before accepting, I asked him if I knew him. Our exchange is below. I think it’s a pretty touching story, and he said he’d be cool with me sharing it on my blog. Hopefully it inspires us all to keep smiling in the face of adversity.
friend request
Between Bryan Adam Grant and You
Josh Rachlis 01 February at 09:44
hi, do i know you?
Bryan Adam Grant 01 February at 09:47
Not really. Are you the same Josh Rachlis who’s in those Mini-Man commercials?
Josh Rachlis 01 February at 09:52
aye, laddie. that’s me!
Bryan Adam Grant 01 February at 09:55
Sweet! 🙂 Can you do me a favour then? I’m deaf you see and I saw those commercials when I still had my hearing but now since I can’t hear, I can’t remember what’s being said. I can remember a bit but not the whole thing. I was wondering if I could get the text for both of them, if it’s not too much trouble? I would really appreciate it.
So, for Bryan – obviously a man of bravery and of impeccable taste in comedy – below are the videos, accompanied by the words I wrote and spoke.
MINI MAN: New Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Mini Granola Bites. Chewy granola mixed with delicious flavours… Oh, it’s so true. But I’m not sure why they call them “mini.” Because they’re huge! Here, look at the size of this baby! (Aaah) Pieces of fruit the size of my nephew’s head! Oh, but you can eat a lot or just a little. Who could eat even one of these behemoths! This could feed an army for a year! Oh, hello… Aaaahhh!!
WOMAN: Aaaah!!!!
ANNOUNCER: New Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Mini Granola Bites. They’re mini… If you’re not.
MINI MAN: I’m okay.
MINI MAN: Ladies and gentlemen. The same Kellogg’s that deceived you with Mini Granola Bites now brings us… this! Oh, the goodness of Nutri-Grain, but mini. Which would be wonderful, aye. If… it… were… TRUE! Does this delicious snack look mini to any of you? “No.” “Why?” Because it’s huge! This is classic size misrepresentation!
ANNOUNCER: Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Mini Cereal Bars. They’re mini… If you’re not.
MINI MAN: I rest my case.

Get your face or message on a giant billboard in Ontario!

Get your face or message on a real, huge billboard in Ontario! Seriously! Just to go to http://www.jamesready.com, upload your photo or message, and it will most likely appear on a billboard!!!

The photo here is some guy Matt who sent in that picture. If he can get a billboard, YOU can. And no, what you send in doesn’t need to have anything to do with beer.

If you’re my friend, I’ll make sure you get your stuff on a billboard! You see, I’ve been asked to use my internet social networking connections to raise participation in an exciting marketing initiative for James Ready Beer. (Translation: People at work said “Hey! You have over 800 Facebook friends! Help us out!”)

James Ready is an inexpensive beer that asks consumers to “Help us keep James Ready a buck a bottle.” As such, they have bought up some real live billboards around Ontario but don’t have any fancy, expensive ads to put on them.

So they’re asking people to email in a digital photo or just a message and they’ll put it on a giant billboard. They haven’t gotten enough responses yet. Maybe because people don’t believe it’s real. So if you send something in, it will most likely be made into a billboard.

Got a photo of your sports team? Want to ask a girl out? Are you making a movie that you’d like to promote? Want to show off your new haircut?

Just go to http://www.jamesready.com and send in what you want on the billboard. It’s that simple! And you can message me after so that I can help ensure that it does get up there.

You can do it no matter where you live. But if you live in one of these areas, even better, because this is where the billboards will be:

Georgetown/Halton Hills
St. Catharines
Sault Ste. Marie
North Shore
North Bay & District
Thunder Bay

Josh Rachlis is in Marketing Magazine!

And I sound like a workaholic. Which I guess I am. But it’s all for the good for my clients. Gotta sell that Gain Detergent. Until I’m elected to Parliament that is. So that I can make some real, positive changes in this country. Like make a law that forces people to buy Gain Detergent.


Look for the monkey in a dress buying a newspaper…

… in an upcoming commercial for the surprisingly delicious Kellogg’s All-Bran Bars. Anyone who is familiar with my astonishingly fit and toned body will recognize my taut abs rippling beneath the simian’s velvet garmet in this brilliant cameo role. And anyone who is familiar with my brilliant sense of humour will recognize that I wrote the hilarious script. And anyone who has met me in person will know that I’m actually fat and not funny at all. But that’s still me as the monkey.