How to run an Instagram contest

To plan a giveaway of a juice cleanse from Daily Press Juicery in Toronto, on March 8 I did a Facebook Live with Carolyn Wilman aka Contest Queen, who told me how to run the contest on Instagram.

Buy Carolyn’s book “How To Win Cash, Cars, Trips & More” here:

Watch our show to popularize your blog!

Check out the latest episode of The Creative Itch at or below. The Creative Itch is a new advice show that teaches people how to pursue the creative careers of their dreams. After seeing our first episode where we explained the concept, Olga reached out to ask for advice on how to get lots of people to read her blog. Gwen and I sat down with her and gave her so many useful tips, Olga could start a blog about how to write a blog. Hey, that’s not a bad idea, actually. We’ll have to have her back as a guest so I can add that tip. In the meantime, what are your favourite tips from this episode? Any tips of your own? Post in the comments section, and let’s all help each other scratch our creative itch!

The Creative Itch: How to get hits for your blog from Josh Rachlis on Vimeo.

My new show helps you get into creative careers!

As you know, I’ve been doing some creative careers consulting via my popular one-on-one Creativi-Teas. And now it’s time to help a wider audience. Below or by clicking here, you can watch Episode 1 of The Creative Itch, a new show that will help all of you who have the urge to do something creative but don’t know how to go about it.  My co-host Gwen Elliot is a kindred spirit, because like me she throws herself at every creative opportunity she can make or find. Today’s Creative Itch Tip: (with apologies to Nike) Just do it. For example, if you want a TV show, film yourself and put it on YouTube. Like we’re doing. See, you’ve learned something already and you haven’t even watch the show yet. When’s the last time you learned anything useful from Entertainment Tonight? I’m just kidding – I love Entertainment Tonight. I would host it in a second. You hear that, Entertainment Tonight producers? (See, there’s another free tip: Ass-kissing.)

Pursue your dreams with me as your Creative Careers Consultant

I’ve posted this ad on Craigslist and Kijiji. I’ve got satisfied customers. Now it’s time for you, dear Blog reader, to reap the benefits of my experience, too:

Been dreaming of trying out a Creative Career but don’t know where to start? You’re in luck, because Josh Rachlis (Actor, Writer, Director, Comedian, Copywriter, Radio Host,  Movie Reviewer, Cartoonist, Songwriter and more)  is now working as a Creative Careers Consultant.

When I started out as an actor, I thought a casting agent and a talent agent were the same thing. When I was thinking about getting into advertising, I thought that a Senior Copywriter was higher up than Creative Director. (FYI, I was wrong on both counts.) But through my own research and perseverance, I’ve found success, publicity and awards in a unique variety of creative fields. And now literally every day I get asked how to get into voice work. Or screenwriting. Or copywriting. And more. Consulting gives me a chance to answer your questions. I’ll meet you for tea (which I call a Creativi-Tea). If you’d prefer, we could also do it by phone, email or Internet messenger. Through discussion with you I’ll find out what creative career would make you happy and whether you’re right for the job. Then I’ll tell you how to get into that field, what classes to take, whom to contact, and more. It also doesn’t hurt that, as a Copywriter, I actually hire voices for commercials I write. I love to discover great new talent and hopefully at some point I’ll be able to use you in my own spots.
If you already know what you want to pursue, we can delve deeper into how to make that happen. As an example, voice acting is the field most people ask me about. Common questions are:
How do I get into voice work?
Is it too late for me to get into voice acting?
Do I have the talent to be a voice actor?
What kind of voice acting is there?
What is a voice demo?
What should a voice demo sound like?
Do I need a voice demo?
Should I make a voice demo now?
Should I take classes?
What are the good classes to take?
Who are the good talent agents to send my stuff to?
We’ll also go over ways to promote yourself. I’ve been featured in two giant articles in The Toronto Star and the National Post. How did I make that happen? You’ll find out. I’ll talk to you about ways to build a brand for yourself, to create buzz, garner fans, get your work talked about and out there to as many people as possible. After one meeting with me, a girl I know who’s into helping people spiritually has launched a whole multi-media business based on her thoughts and teachings and even has interest now from TV producers. Another girl went from having no idea how to get into voice acting to being repped by Toronto’s top voice talent agency – all in the span of a month.
To show you why I’m qualified to answer your questions, here are just some of my creative achievements:
•Copywriting (15 years writing commercials for the biggest, most prestigious brands in the world)
•On-camera acting (I’m the famous Scottish Mini Man in the Nutri-Grain Minis Commercials)
•Voice work (commercials and animated TV shows in Canada, the US and Europe)
•Screenwriting (winner of the prestigious 2009 Script Showcase in LA)
•Radio Hosting:
-Talk radio host on Canada’s most listened to talk radio station, Toronto’s CFRB Newstalk 1010
-Appearances on CBC Radio’s Go and Definitely Not The Opera
-Regular movie reviews on Toronto’s CINA Radio 1650AM
•TV hosting (4 of my own year-long shows on Rogers Community Cable)
•Illustration (frequent illustrations in The Ottawa Citizen)
•Writing (Humour columns for The Ottawa Citizen and Strategy Magazine)
•Improv (Graduate of Second City Conservatory)
•Stand-up (Yuk’s Yuk’s, Second City, Laugh Resort)
•Live hosting (Ottawa Ad Awards, Jewish/Arab Comedy Night)
•#91 All-Time Most Viewed Comedian in Canada on YouTube
•Featured in large articles in The Toronto Star and National Post
I spent years trying to figure out how to get into these fields. All you need is an hour with me.
As far as I know, no other Copywriter has starred in his own TV ads. And I don’t know anyone who’s got this particular mix of fields on their résumé. So take advantage of this unique storehouse of information and start down the path to the Creative Career you’ve always dreamed off.
To see my work, watch my videos at and read my latest news at You can also check out my writing and advertising work at
A Creativi-Tea is a tiny price to pay for a valuable investment in your creative future. So email me to set up your Creativi-Tea today at josh.rachlis AT g m a i l . c o m

Are you sabotaging your own success?

Check out what this study found:

Mediocrity rules

People are so convinced they can’t do well in certain pursuits that they can inadvertently sabotage their own performance to achieve their low expectations.

University of Toronto social psychologist Jason Plaks says this self-imposed mediocrity in selected areas is so pervasive that people become anxious if they achieve above their expectations. The anxiety of overachieving in areas they’ve convinced themselves they’re no good at may actually limit some people’s ability to do well in them, Plaks says.

Pretty crazy, huh? But it reminds me of the many times I’ve heard people say they can’t do something, even when I’m sure they could. Such a large part of getting ahead at anything in this world is simply DOING it. So, think about it… Is there something you want? Are you maybe not getting it simply because you’re telling yourself you can’t get it? Well, stop that. Go for it. And when you get what you want, leave a comment here so I can have the smug satisfaction of saying: “I told you so.”