I spotted Jus Reign on the train!

I’ve given new meaning to Train Spotting. On August 29, on the GO Train to visit my sister and her kids in Brampton, I spotted famous YouTuber Jus Reign. I plugged my microphone into my iPhone and proceeded to narrate the sighting. I’m only just getting around to editing and posting this now because, well, I haven’t had the discipline to sit down and edit my vlogs. I still have to edit my Mexico trip from 2 years ago. This is part of the reason that Jus Reign is famous and I’m just a creepy Jus Reign observer.

Anyway, I just sent this video to my friend Teresa to make sure it looks and sounds ok before I make it public, and she said wonders why I didn’t go up to him and talk to him. Which is a good point. I guess I could have asked if I could interview him right there. Or, at least I could have tried to say hi after I did some of my narration. That would have made for an interesting ending. But I don’t like to bother people. But ok, next celeb I spot, I’ll try talking to them. Subscribe to youtube.com/joshrachlis to see how it goes!

By Josh Rachlis

Celebrity interviewer, actor, comedian, songwriter, cartoonist

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