I went to Hot Docs Podcast Festival

Hot Docs Podcast Festival

Normally I just post about my creative projects. But, I’m wondering if I should start posting more ordinary things, like when I go to an event. Because then maybe my blog could be a lifestyle blog, and people will come to my blog to learn about what’s going on in Toronto. Or what went on in Toronto, if I’m posting about it afterward. Anyway, my friend Amanda Blain, a successful blogger and tech expert, says I should just experiment on the Internet, trying things and seeing what happens. So, here we go. I’m just going to paste in what I wrote for the description of the Facebook album I made for the 5 photos I took. And then I’ll past a link to those photos. Let me know if you think that putting this kind of thing on this blog is useful, or if I should stick to my posting about my creative projects, and leave my selfies and daily activities for my Facebook and Instagram. Now, here’s what I wrote for Facebook:

This morning I went to Hot Docs Podcast Festival‘s opening panel, “Making, Supporting and Marketing Your Show”. I still need to begin the “making” part. But still, it was inspiring to learn from the panel, which was Avery Swartz, JP Davidson, Dan Misener, Katie Jensen and Hannah Sung. Avery runs Camp Tech, where I’ve taken many classes, including JP’s podcasting class. The usher said I could sit in one of the fancy reserved seats that wasn’t being used. And on which I got a free reusable bag with the Casper mattress logo on it. During the mingling in the lobby after, I listened in as Katie (pictured in selfie background) answered questions from budding podcasters, and then as Dan (pictured in other selfie background) did the same. I’m SO close to starting a podcast, I can taste it! Or maybe I’m just tasting the lovely free cheese and cold cuts that were at the mingling session.


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