Rapper Won Now

Here’s my interview with rapper Won Now about his The DOT – Discover Opportunity Toronto show at York University’s Underground Campus Kitchen? The story: On Jan. 29, my neighbor Kathleen Larsen was at Shoppers Drug Mart and I walked over to meet her, to get groceries. I was looking at frozen burgers, when I heard an employee stacking a shelf behind me and singing along to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Free Fallin’ that was coming through the speakers. Without turning around, I said: “Is that an angel singing?” Then I turned around and said, “Oh, it’s you.” I don’t think “Colin” was impressed with my joke. But I added that he’s a good singer. I was looking at bags of burgers for $14.99, but then I noticed that the President’s Choice Canadian-Filled burgers were on sale for $5.99. They were on the top shelf and he reached them for me and I took three bags. He helped me check the expiry dates just to make sure there wasn’t a catch. I told him he could come to my place for a barbecue. Then I filmed me telling that story in my Instagram Story. I asked what his IG is so I could tag him. I quickly glanced at his page, and even though I didn’t see anything music-related, for some reason I asked “Are you a rapper?” and he said yes. I said I would interview him sometime. Then Kathleen and I walked to another aisle. A few moments later he ran into our aisle and told me he was doing a concert next week. I told Kathleen to film me doing a quick 60 second interview on the spot, to promote the show on Instagram. Then I asked for a selfie, and he taught me the finger sign he invented for his brand. W for his rapper name. I told him I’ve been trying to think of a finger sign for my selfies, like a CJ for Celebrity Josh. But his W is cooler.

Also, he wants to make patches with his logo and I told him I’d get Artik Toronto to give him a good deal to print his swag. If anyone reading this wants to print anything at Artik.com, from stickers to T-shirts and beyond, mention promo code Celebrity Josh for $25 off your order.


By Josh Rachlis

Celebrity interviewer, actor, comedian, songwriter, cartoonist

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