Vulture features my Doug Jones interview

Read the Vulture article featuring my interview here!

The story: My entertainment reporting is featured in Vulture – a huge New York Magazine pop culture site! In a profile of Doug Jones, star of The Shape of Water, they referenced my TIFF interview where I showed Doug a cartoon I drew of him. And the headline shows that the article was built around the question I asked Doug. It was a lot of work to draw cartoons of the celebrities. And it took a long time to upload the vids to all my social media. But as this shows, you never know which video, cartoon or post will be the one that leads to more. So you just have to persevere, like Doug has! The article says Doug‘s big break finally came when he was 46, when he thought his chance to become a name was running out. I’m almost that age. Maybe I’m on the same path as Doug?

Here’s my interview with Doug:

By Josh Rachlis

Celebrity interviewer, actor, comedian, songwriter, cartoonist

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