I played young Rob Ford in a comedy music video



When I was dressed as Enviroman at the Monsanto protest recently, I bumped into my friend Judith Klassen dressed as her alterego, flaky reporter Tasha James. Judith interviewed me as part of her funny protest interviews. And then she asked if I would come out to be in her next Rob Ford video. I said yes. The result is the latest in a series of music videos that she has made about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. She describes it as “a docu-drama-musical based on a Globe and Mail piece about the Ford family.” It answers the question: What was the Ford family doing in the 1980’s? It also answers the question: Why was Josh Rachlis wearing a blonde mullet wig on Sunday? Judith has been effusive with her praise of my performance, tweeting about how I was making her laugh during editing, describing me as the “amazing Josh” in her Facebook post, commenting “Fork dance!” on my Facebook page, and, as you’ll see, giving me special billing in the credits. The video has been getting lots of press. And Jude has already asked if I would reprise my role in a future Ford film. So… Stay tuned!


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