I was a speed dater on Love Hunters

This show aired May 10, 2012  and I’ve already blogged about it, but I’ve just now finally screen recorded the episode from the Slice website and have edited together the brief moments where I was shown in the beginning and end of the episode. So, for those of you who missed it on air, you can now see me in all my humiliation glory. Here’s what to watch for in the video:

00:19 I awkwardly introduce myself.
00:46 I awkwardly reveal that I’ve had dates end very quickly.
01:14 Her notes summarize me as “comedy, sarcastic, Evan Handler” (FYI: Evan Handler is the bald guy from Sex And The City, whom I’m often told I look like)
01:30 Back of my bald head.
01:35 Reprise of me apologizing for not making any sense. But at least she laughed!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_jJPP4dJU8?rel=0]

Below I’ll paste in the synopsis from this link:

Love Hunter Jodi is an outspoken thirty-something, who is best described as a work-focused go-getter. She even admits to treating potential partners like candidates interviewing for a job. Can you blame her? Between her bustling career, her family and her charity work – Jodi has little time to devote to finding the man of her dreams. Her likes: a confident, self-assured family man with a keen sense of humour. Her dislikes: someone who’s lazy. Our prescription: we temporarily take Jodi off the career track and put her on to the dating fast track. With no time to waste, over the course of seven days, Jodi will go speed dating, be set up by a professional matchmaker and then by someone closer to home… all in the hopes of finding her Mr Right. With three guys to choose from, the question is: who will progress to a second interview… er date?

Here’s the IMDB page for the episode, which I have proudly submitted my name to:

And if my video has whet your appetite to see Jodi’s other dates, you can watch the full episode here:


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