I’m in this trailer for Come Date With Me Canada

This past summer, I posted about an audition I did for the new W Network show “Come Date With Me Canada.” Well, that audition went pretty well, as you can see in the just-released trailer for the show. Which move do you think impressed the lovely blonde more: Burning my hands while cooking, groaning red-faced on the floor, or revealing that my relationships don’t last long? Place your bets after watching me school my fellow suitors on the art of seduction. The trailer is posted here.

Extra tidbit: If you’re a single guy and think you have smoother moves than I showed in the trailer (trust me, you do), I just got this message from the show’s Casting Director: “Hey Josh, sounds like you had a great time on Come Date! We’re still casting for guys 35-45 for our last two episodes; if you know anyone who might be interested, we’d love to hear from them! I’ll bump them to the top of the list if they say you sent them.”


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