My (painful) Citytv Official Comedy Correspondent Audition


So here’s my audition for the Citytv Official Comedy Correspondent Contest. You can view all the entries by clicking here. The rules: Discuss the comedic highlights of at least 2 shows from their new comedy line-up, all in under 60 seconds. I know what you’re thinking: “Josh can do no wrong! He’s always so hilarious! So this audition will be hilarious, too!” Well, maybe those of you who saw my U.N. Peace Day stand-up act aren’t thinking that. But anyway, yes, this is going to be hilarious. But not in a good way. Allow me to explain (i.e. make excuses). I watched on Thursday, October 8, 2009. Normally on Thursdays, The Jay Leno Show would be preceded by the new show Community. Except on this night, for some reason there was a 30 Rock rerun before Jay Leno. But the big stumbling block was that I was dying of a bad cold. I could barely think straight, much less be funny. But the deadline was Friday, October 9 at 11:59 p.m. and so I had no choice but to make the video right then and there. None of my ramblings made much sense. But they made even less sense once I cut out enough words to boil it down to 60 seconds. What was cut out? Well, I talked about how Citytv comedy would make me feel good and thus help heal my cold. I talked about how I was wearing my correspondent fedora, complete with Citytv press pass in the ribbon, and how it’s a very hard fedora because it’s from the dollar store. I talked about how on this particular night not only did the comedy make me feel good because it was funny, it boosted my self esteem in many ways, which made me feel even better. For instance, seeing that Tina Fey can’t get a boyfriend made me feel better about being a loser in the world of love. Then I talked about how in his opening monologue, Jay Leno mentioned a study where 70% of people surveyed said their first sexual experience was positive. So, you see, it all sort of made sense. But in my cold-addled haze, I didn’t plan it out to fit properly into the 60 seconds. So I’m counting on you, dear fans… Okay, dear fan… Singular… Assuming there’s even just one out there… to go to leave comments at the contest YouTube page and on the contest Facebook page to let Citytv know that normally I’m quite amusing and that they should watch my other videos and give me the prize just for being so generally awesome. Can you do that for me? No? Sigh. Oh well, it was worth a shot.


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