Stand-up comedy about being bald

Here’s me doing stand-up at McVeigh’s Irish Pub on Nov. 11, 2010. Watch below or click here: There was a very small audience and it was all other comedians, so it was a tough room. Hence the silence. Also, of course, I’m not very funny. But I didn’t let that stop me. Because I’ve decided to inflict my stand-up comedy on the public more often. So a couple of weeks ago I booked a gig to force myself to write some stuff. Then last week I was watching clips of comedian John Pinette and noticed that his entire act is about him being overweight. I was inspired. Unfortunately, although my lazy butt is getting me there, I’m not quite fat enough yet to do a whole act about being fat. I am, however, bald enough to do a whole act about being bald.



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