Copywriter – Latest gigs

To help me keep track of my latest copywriting jobs, and to show you what I’m working on, here’s a list:

Monday, Feb 8, 2021: I got a call from Gail Dhruv, an Account Executive I used to work with at Leo Burnett in Toronto. She worked on Gain Detergent, and I wrote Gain’s ads for 15 years. They loved using me to help name products. She now runs her own company and wants me to come up with names for a new travel website.

Monday, Feb 8, 2021: Bai beverages for Cundari in Toronto. On Friday, I got an email from Sean Barlow, Creative Director at Cundari in Toronto. He wanted headlines for Bai beverages, for out of home posters, and posters on Vancouver’s SkyTrain. He asked for 4 hours of work. He wanted them to be as edgy as I could push them, to let the legal department decide if they were too scandalous. On Monday, I sent him a few pages of headlines.

Jan, 2021: Website copy for Rebecca Shamtoub. She found me on LinkedIn and asked me to write copy for her website which connects artists with empty studio spaces. I recorded Skype calls where she would brief me and I would write the copy as we spoke. I’ll post those on YouTube, to show you how quickly I can write copy for you.