I adapted this Special K commercial for Canada

Here’s a little something that popped up when I Googled myself this morning. (Yes, I’m that vain/lonely. Deal with it.) The photography studio Sugino Studio just blogged about the back-end of a Canadian Special K commercial they worked on, which I helped adapt from an American commercial. For this kind of thing, I rewrite the script so that it speaks to Canadians and takes into account any differences in the product up here, and I help direct the voice over artist, in this case the talented actress/comedian Katie Crown, whom we patched in from her new home base in Los Angeles. The spot likely won’t win me a Lion at Cannes, but it’s part of what I do every day, and it’s always a joy to help get the message out about delightful Kellogg’s products. And for Special K in particular, it’s fun to be able to use my profound understanding of the female mind to talk to women in a way they can relate to. Sigh. If only I was as good at dating women as I am at marketing to them. To see the blog post and the clip from the commercial, click here.


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