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I’m shortlisted at Cannes for copywriting and illustrating

I’m not personally attending the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity that’s happening this week. But I’ve just learned that a couple of things I worked on have been shortlisted. Which is almost as exciting as cavorting on a beach in the South of France. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

In terms of my Copywriting – The Mr. Clean facebook page, for which I helped develop the Mr. Clean character and wrote many of his status updates, is in there:


And get this… I’m in this James Ready Beer campaign as an Illustrator. That’s right, I was asked to draw some of the newsletters that came in the beer boxes. I knew that doodling on my school notebooks would come in handy one day.



  1. Yes, Trey, I absolutely use my copywriting knowledge when deciding what to write in my blog. By posting the things I'm working on, I'm creating a brand for myself. So I try to apply the same principles that I would when writing an ad for a client. For instance:-I strive to be succinct enough that people will read what I write.-I try to convey what could be dry information in an entertaining way so that people will read it.-And I want them to reward them with a smile, so that readers 1) feel good about my brand and 2) will return to read the next thing I post.I'm not sure I added any humour or entertainment to this particular response, but, well, maybe by saying that, I just did. 🙂

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