Are you sabotaging your own success?


Check out what this study found:

Mediocrity rules

People are so convinced they can’t do well in certain pursuits that they can inadvertently sabotage their own performance to achieve their low expectations.

University of Toronto social psychologist Jason Plaks says this self-imposed mediocrity in selected areas is so pervasive that people become anxious if they achieve above their expectations. The anxiety of overachieving in areas they’ve convinced themselves they’re no good at may actually limit some people’s ability to do well in them, Plaks says.

Pretty crazy, huh? But it reminds me of the many times I’ve heard people say they can’t do something, even when I’m sure they could. Such a large part of getting ahead at anything in this world is simply DOING it. So, think about it… Is there something you want? Are you maybe not getting it simply because you’re telling yourself you can’t get it? Well, stop that. Go for it. And when you get what you want, leave a comment here so I can have the smug satisfaction of saying: “I told you so.”


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