Check out my letters about hybrid cabs in the Toronto Star and Metro, then write to Howard Moscoe and tell him you want them in Toronto!


Here they are:

Why’d I write them? Because this week I was delighted to see that NYC is converting all its taxis to hybrids. The benefits to the air New Yorkers breathe will be huge. And what was the immediate response from Councillor Howard Moscoe, who’s in charge of licensing cabs in Toronto? Like a whiny baby, he says things like “stop picking on cabs” and “everyone else should have to drive a hybrid then.” What? He’s not even making any sense. Apparently, with the federal and provincial tax credits and rebates, a hybrid costs 30 grand now. And taxis would save 15 grand in gas a year. So it pays for itself in only two years. Plus, the city charges something like 300 grand for a taxi license. So all they’d have to do is offer a subsidy to taxis and whammo, they’re all enviro-friendly. Is Howard being paid by the mob or something? Nothing else makes sense. Drop him a line and tell him you want Toronto to follow New York’s lead. Now.

Howard Moscoe. City Hall 100 Queen Street West, Suite B30 Toronto, ON M5H 2N2 Phone: 416-392-4027 Fax: 416-392-4191


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