If I had a roof, this is what I would be doing tonight


On last night’s CFRB show, it felt like I was starting to get the “let’s clean our air” message out there. That felt good. So in that spirit, let’s keep things going. Check out this great discount program for solar panels. Imagine having a big portion of your energy bills paid for by none other than Mr. Sun. One day I’ll have a house and I will do this. In the meantime, if you have a roof, it’s up to you…


And here’s what it says at that page:

Solar Energy – EVENT – May 16th Wychwood Library 6:30pm

There are many opportunities to save money and reduce energy costs through Solar Energy. Our community is initiating a bulk purchase of solar panels and installation. This is the second initiative of it’s kind in Toronto.

Please join Marc Paille and Chris Chopik to explore the financial viability of installing Solar on your home.

ChrisChopik.com [Events]

TUESDAY, MAY 16TH AT 6:30PM the Wychwood Public Library (on Bathurst south of St Clair)


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