Josh has joined the Green Party. You should too!


It’s so easy! Just go to and click on “Join.” Then, for a minimum tax-deductible donation of ten measly bucks, you can support the only party that is fighting to reduce the economic, environmental and social waste that is literally killing us. Check out some of their views on the site… It all makes so much sense, it’s scary. Oh, and of course, make sure to get out there and vote Green. Your vote really does count, and they even get a bit of government funding for each vote they get too.

Sorry that there was nothing funny about this post. But there’s nothing funny about being killed by toxic air either. Nor is it hilarious that it’s 9 degrees celcius in Toronto in January. Unless you’re a cockroach who’s just waiting for the human race to die so you can finally take over the world. Then this post is a total knee-slapper. If cockroaches had knees.


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