Please buy the 1/2 price CFL’s at Cdn Tire this week… and post about it at my myspace!


below is what my ex-gf Jen ( just posted on the blog, in response to my posting about the half-price sale on compact fluorescent bulbs at Canadian Tire that’s happening right now from Friday to Saturday Jan 26. so if you know anyone who goes to get them for half-price and makes the switch, could you ask them to post something at and/or the blog at that page so that she can see people are doing it? that would be awesome.

here’s jenn’s posting:

Just posting to let you know that – first of all – you are an environmental superhero!

I hope the masses realize the personal sacrifices you make to create a better world for all of us to live in!! I’ve personally witnessed (and have been seriously delayed enroute to various engagements with you ;)) how you bravely approach all idlers and polluters…you are wholly incapable of passing a single bit of recyclable detritus on the street.

Anyway – for all of that – I salute you. love you. respect you. It’s hard work. And all of your efforts are NOT falling on deaf ears…which brings me to my second point…

I’m going to Canadian Tire this weekend…and I encourage everyone else to do the same! No – I demand that you do the same! For Josh. So that he can sleep easier at night.

My challenge to all who read this – It’s called “The Josh Challenge.” Go buy one pack of Nomas. Buy two. And pass it on. I have a special prize for the person that buys the most. Or, is responsible for having the most light bulbs changed (by telling family and friends, for example). Let’s see if we can reach 357 bulb changes by Feb 1st. Why 357? Because they are nice prime numbers and prime numbers are lucky.

Post when you change. No fakers!


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