I reported from a press conference launch of cigarette butt recycling


Remember Vanessa Farquharson, my former Good Report TV co-host? She emailed me on Thursday, June 25 to tell me she’s now Director of Communications at TerraCycle, and that they were holding a press conference the next morning to launch their new cigarette butt recycling bins.

She wanted me to come cover it as a social media/blogger type of person. Which is neat, because I’ve always been jealous of social media/blogger types, and it never occurred to me that I am one myself. But if famous author/journalist Vanessa says I am, then, dammit, I am!

I met Councillor Mike Layton, son of Jack Layton. And there was a funny moment where I mentioned that I had bought a certificate for a tandem bike ride with him, and I was rummaging through a pile of papers and crap from my man-bag to find it and Vanessa was like, “What are you doing?!” Fortunately, I quickly found it, and Mike told me about how Torontonians used to love hoping on the back seat of Jack’s bike, and then we moved on to the topic at hand. I posed for a pic with Mike, and then it occurred to me to make a video. So I handed my iPhone to a girl and started to interview Vanessa. It was just like old times, with us having a blast bantering. We should figure out how to do another show together. Maybe for TerraCycle? See for yourself in the video above how fun we can make cigarette butts. (And note that Vanessa mentions that anyone can go to TerraCycle.ca and sign up to mail in cigarettes butts to be recycled for free!)




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