I interviewed the President of Earth Day in a bathtub


Vanessa Farquharson, my old eco beauty product review show co-host, now works at Earth Day Canada. On Wednesday, April 20, she emailed me asking if I’d dress as up as Enviroman and come interview Deb Doncaster, President of Earth Day Canada, in a bathtub. Because I’m brave (or stupid), I said yes without even asking why we were doing it in a bathtub. The next day, April 21, I went over to the Earth Day office and got into a tub on the front lawn with Deb. I learned that the tub is a metaphor for “forest bathing”, which is taking in the healthy atmosphere of the forest. I also learned about their #Rooting4Trees campaign to encourage tree planting. And we talked about the climate agreement about to be signed at the UN on Earth Day (April 22). And, of course, I made lots of awkward comments. But hey, it was them who asked me to put on my tights and get into a bathtub. Anyway, go prove you can be cooler than me in the tub – It’s on the lawn of 276 Roncesvalles Ave. until April 30th!


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