My eco-comedy video wins eco-comedy video contest!

So, I heard about an eco-comedy video contest. Of course I was happy about this, because it means the eco message is getting spread. But it made me feel less special to know I’m not the only one making eco-comedy videos. Fortunately, my feeling of specialness returned upon receiving notice that I won the contest. Yah, that’s right – Bring it on, eco-comedy videomakers! Bring it on!!! Wait, that’s not very Gaia of me, is it? Ah, screw it. It’s every environmentalist for him/herself. So I’ll paste in the announcement email below to intimidate any future eco-comedy videomakers who might be getting any bright ideas. Like they used to put heads on poles to warn people what would happen if they made eco-comedy videos. Or something like that.

Subject: Winners of the Eco-Comedy Video Competition

Dear Friends,
I want to share with you the short, humorous video projects submitted to the Third Annual Eco-Comedy Video Competition.  We launched this competition as a way to encourage the use of humor in the fight for conservation.
All submissions are now available for you to enjoy here under the “Video Responses” heading.  I’ve included the four finalists at the end of this e-mail.  
I thank the Sierra Club, Eco-Sense, the Environmental Protection Agency, and Mill Reef Productions for making this competition possible through a partnership with SOC’s Center for Environmental Filmmaking at AU.  I especially thank the Sierra Club for putting up the $1,000 prize money.
Congratulations to all our participants, and a very special congratulations to the two winners, Josh Rachlis for An Inconvenient Ruth, and Ben Zolno for Plastic State of Mind.  Josh and Ben will split the $1,000 prize from the Sierra Club.
Best, Chris
2011 Finalists:
The Energetic Energy-Saver
Professor Chris Palmer
Distinguished Film Producer in Residence
Director, Center for Environmental Filmmaking
School of Communication, American University
4400 Mass Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20016-8017
cell 202-716-6160; office 202-885-3408; home 301-654-6137
Center website:
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Shooting in the Wild website:
Follow me on Twitter @chrispalmer_au

And here’s my winning video, to reinforce to eco-comedy videomakers what they’re up against when they mess with me:


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