My marriage proposal’s on!!!


Holy crap!!! Check out this amazing promotion of my marriage proposal by clicking here. It looks like it was put up on August 23rd. I had no idea it was there, though. I only just found it now because I was googling “Josh Rachlis” and “Jay Leno” and this link popped up for some reason. Anyway, all I can say is… WOW!!!! Thanks so much to ecorazzi for joining the cause. I will for sure reserve a whole ecorazzi table at my wedding to Laurie David if, I mean WHEN, it happens. There’s even a comment at the post, from “rebecca,” who mentions my An Inconvenient Ruth movie (which I made for Laurie’s eco-film contest a while back). If Laurie doesn’t see my proposal now, I don’t know WHAT she’s doing with her time. Other than devoting every waking minute to fighting global warming, I mean.

Oh, and check this out. People are reviewing the ecorazzi posting at this other page. Michael from Pensacola (known online as “moreminimal”) writes: “Funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Laurie, you should at least go out with this guy. Who knows?” It’s a great feeling to know that I’ve got the support of Pensacola, Florida behind me. And I’m sure Laurie has great respect for moreminimal’s opinion because he’s obviously got great taste in comedy and in men. So this could work out great.

(Oh, and why was I googling “Josh Rachlis” and “Jay Leno,” you ask? Well, an account guy at work here just mentioned that a creative director at work mentioned that she heard that my marriage proposal was mentioned on Jay Leno’s show. I said that the creative director must have misunderstood. But I googled it, just in case. And I found the ecorazzi post. Which proves that you never know what’s out there! So maybe I’ve been on Leno after all and just don’t know it yet…)


  1. Josh,This is Michael from Ecorazzi — nice work on the video and we’re rooting for you! Let us know if you do any other videos down the road. We’ll be happy to get them out there. Cheers! (and we’ll take you up on that Ecorazzi table for the wedding!)


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