Pop-culture site Crushable labels me the Worst Trend Ever


You may have thought Nazism was the worst trend ever. Or maybe even the Macarena. But you’d be wrong. At least according to pop-culture/celebrity gossip site Crushable. Because in this past Saturday’s article, author Lilit Marcus writes that eco-comedy (or “eco-medy” as she calls it but which I refuse to call it because even though it’s catchy it reminds me of email) is the “Worst Trend Ever.” Now, she’s basing this solely on the recent Mother Nature Network article about eco-comedians. And you’ll notice that there’s already a nice comment under the Crushable article saying that my bald joke is actually quite funny. Oh, after that MNN article was published I got an email was published from a guy starting a stand-up comedy site who wants a clip of that bald joke. But whether something is funny or not is obviously in the funny bone of the beholder. The other question is whether the work is indeed “green washing,” as the article suggests. I can only speak for my own work, but I can say that I’m careful to insert accurate, important environmental information in my stand-up comedy and short films. Now, I know the article was written tongue-in-cheek, but I’d still like to defend what little honour I have. And so I’m happy to report that Crushable liked my Facebook fan page posting about the article and has contacted me with an invitation to convince them that they’re wrong about eco-comedy. I’m up for the challenge. Though to be honest, I’m actually happy to be known as the poster boy for the Worst Trend Ever. Takes some focus off my other role as poster boy for the Worst Date Ever.


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