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Praise on my eco comedy from Down Under


Got this beautiful email this morning from an eco-crusader down in Australia:

Hey Josh,

I have a green message website – converseconserve.com, and think your Enviroman identity and videos are fantastic. We had a Get Eco Creative exhibition earlier this year as part of the Sustainable Living Festival Melbourne, Australia. 

I was just wondering if you are happy for me to add one of your videos in my website? I already posted a link to one of them on my converseconserve blog.

I hope to hear back and all the best with your continuing and highly important role as enviroman. 
Keep up the jolly good green work,

Nicolle Kuna

I checked out her blog and found the post that you can see by clicking here or in the attached screen grab. Nice to know Enviroman is making a difference globally. Take that, Superman. 😉

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