Radio station Edge 102 joins the cause to get Laurie David to marry me!


Alan Cross, the all-powerful and obviously genius Program Director at Toronto radio station Edge 102 has realized the vital importance to the world of getting Laurie David to see the marriage proposal video I made for her. So, as a public service, he has written about it on his blog. Check it out by clicking here. And from now on if anyone asks you what your favourite radio station is, the answer is no longer CBC, despite CBC’s in-depth and important coverage of global warming. The answer is now is Edge 102, because of their in-depth and important coverage of me. I mean, coverage of me insofar as it will lead to me marrying the world’s top crusader in the fight against global warming. So that her and I can work together to lick this climate change problem once and for all. In this way, Edge 102 is doing more to help fight global warming than CBC. That’s what I meant. I didn’t mean to be vain.


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