Read The Toronto Star article about my eco habit!


On a balmy day a few years ago around Bay Street, I spotted a guy in BMW sitting back and relaxing with the engine running and the windows open. I tossed one of my handmade brochures about the dangers of idling onto his passenger seat. A few blocks later, I heard a menacing voice say: “Hey, Treehugger.” Then I felt a hand grab my arm and heard: “If you ever touch my car again, I’ll kill you.” This shook me up. But I was glad that he had to stop idling in order to come after me. Hopefully he will read this article in the Toronto Star today and feel bad about being mean to me. Or, he’ll now know my name and will track me down to finish the job. Hmmm… Okay, never mind. That wasn’t me with the idling brochure. Must have been some other devastatingly handsome, hairless fellow. The article is still about me, though. To read it, click here.


  1. Great article Josh! I'd hold your hand after you picked up garbage. I clean up the parks etc. with my son. Some of the Mom's are quite disqusted when my son and I play 'garbage man'. Some other kids have joined in only to have their hand sanitising Mom's glare at me. Oh well 'you can't teach what people aren't willing to learn' You can lead by example, I hope 🙂 Congratulations!


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