Vote for my eco hip hop video in the Green Web Awards!


You know how I give you so much pleasure with these extremely entertaining blog posts? (Just go with me here for a second.) Well, it’s time for you to give back.

I’ve just discovered through my Google Alert for “An Inconvenient Proposal” that the esteemed panel of international judges for the second annual Green Web Awards has short-listed my eco hip hip marriage proposal music video. (Thank goodness for Google Alerts, is all I can say. Otherwise I’d never know I was doing sort of okay at anything at all.)

Now the judging has been turned over to the public. So here’s what I need you to do, public. Go to the “Judges short-list” page here. Type in your name. Scroll down to the “Social Media Hero” category. Select “An Inconvenient Proposal: A love song for Laurie David.” Then, select and copy the YouTube address that’s right under the title. Scroll down to the bottom and paste the address into the “Judges Award: Best of the Best” category.

And voila! You have my everlasting gratitude. I don’t know what prize I’d win from this contest. I just know that I haven’t won anything since winning “Most Improved Water-Skiier” at B’Nai Brith summer camp when I was 12, and I’d really like to win something again.


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