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Green guy makes eco hip hop video to win Laurie David’s heart

Toronto, Ontario – March 17, 2009 – It’s sure to be the next Internet sensation, and will maybe even usher in a new era of Canada-U.S. environmental relations: It’s Josh Rachlis, environmentally-conscious Canadian, rapping his heart out in an eco-themed hip hop music video that’s just been posted on YouTube at (be sure to select “Watch in HD” under the video).

The song is dedicated to Laurie David, producer of An Inconvenient Truth and ex-wife of Larry David, creator of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. With the goal of winning Laurie’s hand in marriage, Josh rhymes off everything that’s earned him “green street cred,” including not flushing for just, um, Number 1. The video includes scenes of “Enviroman” magically cleaning up the city. There’s also a female back-up singer who looks remarkably (and disturbingly) like Josh.

Josh is just an ordinary person who, like many people today, is concerned about our environment. So everywhere he walks, he picks up litter. He even goes through the trash in subway stations to put paper and bottles in the proper recycling bags. When he heard of, he was curious as to who started the site. When he found out it was a woman, he developed a green crush. And when he further learned that the woman was married to Larry David, he was really excited. Because Larry’s bald, neurotic and Jewish – just like Josh. So Josh was Laurie’s type! But she was married, so it was all just a dream. But then one day, Josh heard that the Davids were getting a divorce…

Upon hearing of the divorce plans, Josh promptly recorded a marriage proposal for Laurie with his webcam: It was featured on eco-celeb site Ecorazzi – see the write-up here: – and it was mentioned in the blog of Edge 102.1 FM’s Alan Cross. But alas, Laurie played coy and never contacted Josh, surely because she wanted to ensure he was serious. So now Josh is kicking it up a level with a song. Because girls love songs, right? Especially hip hop songs. Even more especially when the singer is dressed as a superhero. He hopes that Laurie sees the video and that together they can save the world. Or, at the very least, Josh hopes that the song teaches viewers some positive things they can do for the environment. And that way, his love for Laurie will do some good for the Earth no matter what happens with their relationship. But still, his fingers are crossed for a green wedding.

As part of his “oeuvre” of green comedy, Josh has also made a movie in which, at the risk of spoiling what could be a very romantic evening, he attempts to convince his date that compact fluorescent light bulbs are a much better “idea” than regular bulbs. You can view that at

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Josh Rachlis, please send an email to josh.rachlis(at)gmail dot com. And in addition to the link at the start of this press release, you can also view the video here:



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