Radio movie review of Capitalism: A Love Story


Here’s my review of the movie “Capitalism: A Love Story.” It aired on 1650AM CINA Radio, Toronto’s South Asian Radio Station, on April 3, 2010. It’s a Michael Moore documentary about how capitalism is destroying us. Ha! I knew I was right to be my riding’s youth delegate for the “socialist” New Democratic Party when I was in 4th year university. Of course, I had joined the young Conservatives club in 1st year – but that’s only because I didn’t understand things at the time. I just knew I liked the colour blue and that Shelagh Lemke and Sara Wilshaw were in the club and they were cute. Listen for future reviews on The Scope Today with Prab, Saturdays 10am-11am on 1650AM in Toronto or at And listen to this one below or at

Radio movie review of Capitalism: A Love Story from Josh Rachlis on Vimeo.


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