Radio movie review of She’s Out Of My League


Here’s my review of the movie “She’s Out Of My League.” It aired on 1650AM CINA Radio, Toronto’s South Asian Radio Station, on March 20, 2010. I was excited to see this movie because, from the title, I thought it was going to be a documentary about my life. Because every girl I meet is out of my… Anyway, it wasn’t about me. But the main actor, Jay Baruchel, is a geeky guy from Ottawa. So it’s kind of about me. Except that Jay has built himself a successful, lucrative career in film and a glamourous, fantastic life in Hollywood. And I’m in Canada, uploading reviews of his movies to my blog. A blog which nobody other than my mother reads. So Jay has succeeded in life and I have failed. Anyway, what I was talking about? Oh, right. The movie review. Listen for future reviews on The Scope Today with Prab, Saturdays 10am-11am on 1650AM in Toronto or at And listen to this one below or at

Radio movie review of She’s Out Of My League from Josh Rachlis on Vimeo.


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