Radio movie review of The Blind Side


Here’s my review of the movie “The Blind Side.” It aired on 1650AM CINA Radio, Toronto’s South Asian Radio Station, on April 10, 2010. It’s the true story of a disadvantaged Southern boy who’s taken in by a rich woman (played by Sandra Bullock) and he learns to play football and goes to the NFL. It reminded me of when I joined the football team in high school. Except I was never allowed to actually play. Man, if only Sandra Bullock had adopted me, I could have gone far. But never say never, right? Does anyone have her email address? My parents will be happy to give me up for adoption. Listen for future reviews on The Scope Today with Prab, Saturdays 10am-11am on 1650AM in Toronto or at And listen to this one below or at

Radio movie review of The Blind Side from Josh Rachlis on Vimeo.


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