I’m a finalist in the Script Showcase Screenwriting Competition!


This Spring, I finished the first draft of my first feature film screenplay. As with all first drafts of a feature, it needs to be worked on and revised and have more drafts written. However, I was so giddy to have finished 120 pages of SOMETHING, I went rogue and entered it into some L.A.-based screenplay contest I’d seen listed at MovieBytes.com. And then I promptly forgot about it. But then this morning, in my daily “Google Alert” for “Josh Rachlis” (if that makes me vain, then I don’t want to be, um, non-vain), amongst the usual hits for my own YouTube page and my own Tweets, I noticed a link to something about the finalists for The Script Showcase Screenwriting Competition. I followed it to the Contest Placings page to discover that, unbeknownst to me, I’d made the Quarter Finals, then the Semi-Finals, and I’m now in the top 8 Finalists remaining. Meaning I’ve already won some prizes. And, according to the rules, it sounds pretty hard to get there:

Judging will be conducted in two separate elimination rounds, plus a Quarter Final, a Semi Final and a Final round. The submissions receiving the top two hundred (200) scores will proceed to the second elimination round and scored based upon the same judging criteria as round one.
Thirty two (32) Quarter Finalists will be chosen from the second elimination round.
Sixteen (16) Semi Finalists will be chosen from the Quarter Finalists.
Eight (8) Finalists will be chosen from the Semi Finalists.
Three (3) Winners will be chosen from the Finalists.

The top 3 will be announced on December 15th, but I thought I’d blog about it now while there’s still something to celebrate. So… Woo hoo. (That was me celebrating.)

Anyway, if you’re a Hollywood producer, I’d be happy to email you the script. And if you’re in the Mafia, I’d be happy if you arranged “accidents” for the 7 other top screenwriters. Ha ha, just kidding! Unless you really are in the Mafia. In which case, I’m totally serious.


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