In honour of Towel Day, here’s my movie about a towel who loves a girl


I just noticed on Facebook that today is Towel Day, a day to celebrate author Douglas Adams. From what I remember of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, a towel is needed to survive intergalactic travel or something. In any case, in honour of the day, I figured I’d repost a movie I made 10 years ago, about a towel who falls in love with a girl. The movie has nothing to do with Douglas Adams, but I don’t get many opportunities to bring up the fact that I made a movie about a towel. So I’m grabbing this one. Hopefully you find my film “absorbent”. But don’t worry, the jokes in it are “clean”. Ok, I’ll stop with the puns now. I know my sense of humour might be too “dry” for you.


And as an added bonus, here’s a review of my movie that I randomly stumbled across online. For real.



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