My screenplay “Focus Group” wins the 2009 Script Showcase!

I won’t rehash everything I wrote in my previous entry about when I discovered that my romantic comedy feature film screenplay “Focus Group” was a finalist in the Script Showcase. But to sum up, when I finished the first draft of my first screenplay, I celebrated it by entering it in the first contest I could find online. And I was recently informed that I came in… First!
As part of the prize, a short query letter I wrote with my logline in it was e-blasted to a slew of producers and agents and such. I’ve already gotten about a dozen requests to read my script. Which right there is more people than who read my blog, so that’s pretty good.
Click on to see my name in the placings. Click on my name to see my bio. Though, you probably don’t need to read my bio. Since, if you’re reading this blog, you’re either my mother or myself. Both of whom already know my life history. A life history which, if my streak continues, will soon include “Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.” I just hope the Oscar prize includes an e-blast.


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