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Beaver puppet series goes to dark place in 3rd episode

Toronto, Ontario – March 7, 2009 – A new installment in the award-winning Beaver Tale short film series launches today at Beaver Tale 3: The Break-Up takes a darker turn than the first two, chronicling romantic troubles between Pelt The Beaver and Quillette The Porcupine.

The movie has been highly-anticipated, as the first Beaver Tale won “Most Original Idea” at the Leo Burnett Advertising Short Film Festival and the “Audience Choice” award at the Small Town Film Festival (STFF) in Chatham, Ontario, while Beaver Tale 2: The Bed & Breakfast won “Audience Choice” at the following year’s STFF. And both Beaver Tales were featured on CBC TV’s show “Exposure.”

In a new twist for the series, BT3 ends with a “To Be Continued” cliffhanger. “As is increasingly common in Hollywood, we shot Beaver Tale 4 simultaneously,” says series creator, Josh Rachlis. “And we promise not to hold it back too long. We know the audience will be chewing at the bit! Get it? Chewing? Normally you’d say chomping at the bit. But I said chewing, because it’s a beaver… Ok, never mind.”

For those unfamiliar with the doc-style series, the story began when Pelt The Beaver found a pack of gum in a camper’s backpack in the forest. He realized he could chew this gum instead of trees. So naturally he moved to the city and bought a condo-loft. His adventures have taken him to a career in architecture, to running a bed & breakfast, and now to dealing with the heartbreak of a troubled relationship. All the while, he maintains his sweet, innocent disposition and curiosity about life.

Catch up by watching the first Beaver Tale:
Then Beaver Tale 2: The Bed & Breakfast:
And here’s the link to Beaver Tale 3: The Break-Up:

ABOUT THE CREATORS: Josh is an advertising copywriter, actor, stand-up comedian, filmmaker and radio host in Toronto. Ruth Sorrell, a Ryerson University film graduate now living in Seattle, saw the original Beaver Tale online and liked it so much that she wanted to get involved with subsequent films.

For more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Josh Rachlis, send an email to josh.rachlis(at) And in addition to the link in the press release above, you can watch Beaver Tale 3 here:


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