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4th episode of beaver puppet series resolves cliffhanger

Toronto, Ontario – March 20, 2009 – Beaver Tale 4: Working Out, the 4th in the award-winning Beaver Tale short film series, launches today at The film takes up where Beaver Tale 3: The Break-Up left off with its cliffhanger ending a week ago. When we last saw Pelt The Beaver, he was living alone in a bachelor apartment and poking himself with sewing needles to remember how it felt to cuddle with Quillette The Porcupine. Will Pelt find a way to win her back? Is she even worth it? These questions and more will be answered.

“We know fans are on the edge of their seats,” says series creator, Josh Rachlis. “Because at the end of BT3, things were pretty prickly between Pelt and Quillette. Get it? Prickly? Because she’s a porcu- Oh, you do get it? You’re just not laughing because it’s not funny? Right, okay.”

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ABOUT THE SERIES: It all began when Pelt The Beaver found a pack of gum in a camper’s backpack in the forest. He realized he could chew this gum instead of trees. So naturally he moved to the city and bought a condo-loft. Films in the series have won “Most Original Idea” at the Leo Burnett Advertising Short Film Festival, “Audience Choice” at the Small Town Film Festival two years in a row and been featured on CBC TV’s show “Exposure.” And released just a week ago, the 3rd Beaver Tale has already received interest in being covered by a prominent film critic and a popular relationship columnist.

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