And the heart test says…


So, I was waiting in the little room that the receptionist took me to, settling into an issue of “Hello! Canada” with Angelina Jolie on the cover, when there was a knock on the door. It was very polite of the doctor to knock first. I’m not sure what he thought I might have been doing in there, but I can’t really blame him for thinking the worst. Anyway, he walked in and right away, before even sitting down, said: “I have good news!” and told me that my tests were good. “No abnormalities whatsoever!” He kept looking at the file and couldn’t even think of anything to add. I asked what it was that had showed up in the first place and he said the EKG test was just off. Then he warned: “You have to take care of yourself.” What? How? “You need to hang out with better people.” Oh, right. The brownies. Yah, putting drugs in them without telling me was pretty immature. “Immature? It was almost criminal!” But at least I have a new lease on life. 🙂

P.S. Oh, and afterward, I treated myself to a Booster Juice from the hospital foodcourt, as a celebration. That’s not really relevant to the story. But you know what? I love Booster Juice. It’s always a special treat that makes me happy. So there.


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