Podcast Episode 1 with guest Israel Diaz


This is my first podcast episode! Recorded Friday, Aug. 31, 2018. Sort-of brought to you by Artik print shop. Get all your merchandise printed there. Mention Celebrity Josh sent you and get $25 off.

My guest Israel Diaz is an art director, designer, creative director. I used to work with him when I was a copywriter at Leo Burnett Advertising. He could run any ad agency he wants, but now he chooses to work for himself. He’s starting a new company doing focus groups, and works from his laptop in Soho Houses around the world. I interview him about why he would do this. We talk about how to make money online. And we have a fun chat about life. This is my first attempt at a podcast. I wanted to get it up in time for the Toronto International Film Festival Sep 6-16, so that my podcast was started and I could interview celebrities during the festival. But it’s now Oct. 21, and I still haven’t put it up because I haven’t chosen a hosting service. Today I’m finally catching up with posting September’s photos to Instagram, and I just posted a pic of me and Israel, and I figure I should get this podcast up on YouTube, so that at least it’s somewhere.


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