I just became a Healthy Candidate! Mostly.


As the Green Party of Ontario candidate for MPP in St. Paul’s, I just signed the pledge at Healthy Candidates┬ábecause I believe that we all need to do more to promote and support better health in Ontario. Just don’t tell anyone about the tub of ice cream I just finished. I only had it because when I was out buying salad ingredients with my friend Natalia and I suggested getting frozen yogurt, she was like, “No, if you’re getting dessert you have to go all the way”. And I don’t even like ice cream all that much. But I got some maple walnut stuff and it’s been sitting in my freezer for a month. And now it’s finished. So I’ll hit the gym extra hard in the morning. Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh right. Let’s get Ontario healthy!


Here’s your freshly-pledged Healthy Candidate with his freshly-finished tub of ice cream. At least I’m upfront about it. Further proof that the Green Party is all about honest.




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