I’m running for Mayor of Toronto


The #TorontoElection is tomorrow, and I’m running for Mayor! Vote Josh Rachlis! Here’s the 2-minute video of my campaign platform which I filmed at Citytv on Fri, Sep 14.

The background:

On Friday, July 30 right at the 2pm deadline, I registered to run for Mayor of Toronto. I got in line just as they cut it off. I got the rest of the signatures I needed from the other people in line. And because I was the last person to register, CP24 Toronto’s Breaking News interviewed me live. So I was on the news immediately after registering. This boded well for my campaign.

On Sep. 14, I went to CityTV for them to film me talking about my mayoral platform. I brought a pad of paper and markers and said I wanted to draw cartoons while I talk to. They had wanted me to hold handheld mic, and wouldn’t let my neighbour Kathleen hold it for me. But the producer was able to get a lav mic to stick on my shirt. I was sweaty from walking over, so I had to zip up my hoodie to cover up the sweat. I’m all class. But I’m also skilled – We could talk for a max of 2 minutes and they were very impressed that I was dead on. That was the video at the top of this page.

On Oct. 2, I was invited onto the live show That Channel to talk about my platform:

Here’s a livestream I did on October 9 from my home studio to take questions about my campaign:


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